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Suspend / Hibernate XP easily

Moo0 System Closer is a simple tool that enables you to easily suspend / hibernate your XP / Server 2003 system.

It currently supports suspend, hibernate, logoff, reboot and shutdown. It is useful especially for people with keyboards without any sleep button.

Update (2013/08/21):     [ Update History (16)
 - Added Chinese (Simplified) (Revision) language support.

Chinese (Simplified) (Revision) support was made possible by Zhang Zhe. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (06/29):
 - Added Greek Language support.
 - Added Hungarian Language support.

Greek support was made possible by at Thanks really a lot!!

Hungarian support was made possible by lostprophet at Lostprophet Magyarítások. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (04/29):
 - Added Serbian (Cyrillic) Language support.
 - Added support for 3 more languages (partial).

Serbian (Cyrillic) support was made possible by Ozzii. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (04/05):
 - Added Brazilian Portuguese support.
 - Added Croatian support (partial).
 - Bug fixes in the uninstaller.
 - Its English name has changed from "Moo0 SystemCloser" to "Moo0 System Closer".

Brazilian Portuguese support was made possible by Fernando Paladini (pCreations) at TechSempre. Thanks really a lot!!

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Language: Belarusian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Turkish, 21 other languages (partial) - [ Translators (24) ]
OS:Windows XP/2003
Ease of Use:Very Easy
Last Updated:2013/08/21   [ Update History (16)
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Size:2.72 MB
License:Free  (Non-Commercial Use Only)  
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FAQ:Symptom: It failes to Hibernate.

It seems to be cuased by the insufficient size of the paging file. The followings are the solutions we've found so far.

Solution 1) Close some applications which are using lots of memory.

Solution 2) Increase the minimum size of the paging file, and then reboot the system once.

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English): System Closer (Free) - Suspend / Hibernate XP easily | xp hibernate software, hibernate made easy, suspend system easily, hibernate windows xp, standby windows xp, hibernate system

عربي): توثيق النظام (مجاني) - تعليق / إسبات إكس بي بسهولة | زب السبات البرمجيات, جعلت السبات سهلة, تعليق نظام بسهولة, السبات ويندوز إكس بي, الاستعداد ويندوز إكس بي, نظام السبات

Беларускі): System Closer (Бясплатна) - Чакаючы / Спячы рэжым XP | хр праграмнага забеспячэння спячы рэжым, спячы рэжым лёгка, лёгка прыпыніць сістэму, спячы рэжым Windows XP, чакання Windows XP, спячы рэжым сістэмы

Dansk): System Closer (Gratis) - Gå nemt i dvaletilstand eller suspendér | xp dvale software, dvale gjort let, suspendere system nemt, dvale windows xp, standby windows xp, dvale system

Deutsch): System Closer (Kostenlos) - Computer beenden/herunterfahren etc. | XP Hibernate-Software, Ruhezustand leicht gemacht, System leicht suspendieren, Windows XP Winterschlaf, Standby-Windows XP, Hibernate-System

Español): System Closer (Gratis) - Suspender / Hibernar XP fácilmente | software de hibernación de XP, hibernación simplificada, sistema de suspensión fácil, ventanas de Hibernación XP, Windows XP de espera, sistema de Hibernación

Français): System Closer (Libre) - Suspendre / Hberner XP facilement | logiciel d'hibernation xp, hibernation facile, système de suspension facilement, hibernate Windows XP, veille Windows XP, système d'hibernation

Ελληνικά): System Closer (Δωρεάν) - Αναστολή / Αδρανοποίηση των XP εύκολα | xp hibernate λογισμικό, αδρανοποίηση εύκολη, αναστολή συστήματος εύκολα, αδρανοποίηση xp παράθυρα, xp εφεδρικά παράθυρα, σύστημα αδρανοποίησης

Bahasa Indonesia): System Closer (Gratis) - Tangguhkan / Hibernasi XP dengan mudah | xp hibernate software, hibernate menjadi mudah, menangguhkan sistem dengan mudah, hibernasi windows xp, standby windows xp, sistem hibernate

Italiano): System Closer (Gratuito) - Sospende / Iberna XP facilmente | xp hibernate software, hibernate reso facile, sospensione del sistema facilmente, hibernate windows xp, standby windows xp, sistema di ibernazione

简体中文): 系统关闭专家 (免费) - 更简单地进行XP的待机/休眠操作 | XP的Hibernate软件, Hibernate的轻松, 轻松暂停系统, Hibernate的Windows XP中, 待机Windows XP中, 休眠系统

日本語): システム終了器 (フリーソフト) - XP を簡単にサスペンド・休眠 | xp hibernateソフトウェア, hibernate 簡単にシステムを中断, windows xp, スタンバイ Windows xp, hibernateシステムを休眠する

한국어): 시스템 종료기 (프리웨어) - 다양하고 간단한 시스템 종료 | xp 최대 절전 모드 소프트웨어, 최대 절전 모드, 쉽게 시스템 일시 중단, 최대 절전 모드 Windows XP, 대기 모드 XP, 최대 절전 모드 시스템

Nederlands): System Closer (Gratis) - breng XP op eenvoudige manier in verschillende standby standen | xp winterslaap software, winterslaap gemakkelijk gemaakt, systeem opschorten, hibernate windows xp, standby windows xp, sluimerstand systeem

Polski): System Closer (Bezpłatny) - Zawieś / Hibernate XP łatwo | oprogramowanie do hibernacji XP, hibernacja jest łatwa, łatwo zawiesić system, hibernacja Windows XP, gotowość Windows XP, system hibernacji

Português): System Closer (Grátis) - Suspender / Hibernar XP facilmente | xp hibernar software, hibernar facilitado, suspender facilmente o sistema, hibernar o windows xp, em espera do windows xp, sistema de hibernação

Русский): System Closer (Бесплатно) - Ждущий / Спящий режим XP | xp hibernate, спящий режим упрощен, система приостановлена, спящий режим xp, резервные окна xp, система спящего режима

Svenska): SystemAvstängare (Gratis) - Vänteläge / Viloläge XP | xp hibernate programvara, viloläge gjort enkelt, suspendera systemet enkelt, viloläge windows xp, standby windows xp, hibernate system

ภาษาไทย): System Closer (ฟรี) - ระงับ / ไฮเบอร์เนต XP ได้อย่างง่ายดาย | ซอฟต์แวร์ Hibernate xp

Türkçe): System Closer (Ücretsiz) - XP'yi Askıya Alma / Hazırda Bekletme | xp hazırda bekletme yazılımı, hazırda bekletme modu kolay, sistemi askıya alma, hazırda bekletme windows xp, bekleme modları xp, hazırda bekletme sistemi

Українська): System Closer (Безкоштовно) - Блокування / Гібернація XP | XP сплячий режим програмного забезпечення, сплячий режим легко, просто призупинити систему, сплячий режим Windows XP, резервне копіювання Windows XP, сплячий режим

Việt Nam): System Closer (Miễn phí) - Tạm dừng / Hibernate XP dễ dàng | Phần mềm ngủ đông xp, ngủ đông dễ dàng, hệ thống treo dễ dàng, cửa sổ ngủ đông xp, cửa sổ chờ xp, hệ thống ngủ đông

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