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Easily Sharpen/Blur image files

Moo0 Image Sharpener lets you easily sharpen/blur images.

It is very easy to use, and you just need to drag and drop files onto the program window. You may no longer need to start up the heavy and difficult programs for the same task.

 - The sharpend/blured images will be created within the same folder.

Update (2013/08/20):     [ Update History (11)
 - Added Chinese (Simplified) language support.

Chinese (Simplified) support was made possible by Zhang Zhe. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (06/25):
 - Improved its installer so that the message like “This program might not have installed correctly” won't be shown on Windows 7/8.
 - Added Hungarian Language support.
 - Supported 3 more languages in partial.

Hungarian support was made possible by lostprophet at Lostprophet Magyarítások. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (04/07):
 - Officially supported Windows 8.
 - Added Arabic Language support.
 - Added Greek Language support.
 - Added support for 4 more languages (partial).
 - Bug fixes in the uninstaller.
 - Its English name has changed from "Moo0 ImageSharpener" to "Moo0 Image Sharpener".

Arabic support was made possible by Majed Alotaibi. Thanks really a lot!!

Greek support was made possible by at Thanks really a lot!!

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Language: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, 23 other languages (partial) - [ Translators (8) ]
OS:Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Ease of Use:Very Easy
Last Updated:2013/08/20   [ Update History (11)
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FAQ:■ (Symptom) The program suddenly doesn't start up one day? stopped working properly? on Windows 10/8.1?

This probably happens when "Windows SmartScreen" hinders our program from working. In this case, please try the following before the installation.

1. Before the installation, right-click on the installer file and open the file "Property".

2. At the bottom of "General" tab, if you see "Security: This file came from another computer...", select "Unblock" check box, and "Apply" and "OK".

3. If you install the program after it, it may be able to prevent many problems caused by "Windows SmartScreen" or some other security products.

Or, you can actually turn off this problematic feature of Windows itself: (only if you feel too troublesome to do this every single time.)

This happens to every software vendor who doesn't or can't donate $300 to Microsoft every single year (EV signature purchase), and especially when the program file is still new. This kind of problems started to get reported since the early of 2019.

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عربي): زيادة حدة الصور (مجاني) - Easily Sharpen/Blur your images | صور حدة, بلور بالانجليزي, صورة مبراة, صورة شحذ البرمجيات الحرة, مبراة الصورة, صورة شحذ البرمجيات, مبراة الصورة, صورة شحذ البرمجيات, شحذ الصورة, صورة شحذ البرمجيات

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Ελληνικά): Image Sharpener (Δωρεάν) - Οξύνετε/Θολώστε εύκολα τις εικόνες σας | το λογισμικό ακονίσματος εικόνας, το λογισμικό ακονίσματος εικόνας, το λογισμικό ακονίσματος φωτογραφιών, το λογισμικό ακονίσματος φωτογραφιών, το λογισμικό ακονίσματος εικόνας δωρεάν, το καλύτερο λογισμικό ακονίσματος εικόνας, την ενίσχυση της εικόνας online, το λογισμικό ευκρίνεια εικόνας, εργαλείο ακονίσματος εικόνας, εργαλείο ακονίσματος εικόνας

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