Moo0 Transparent Menu 1.20 (Free)
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Let's enjoy transparent menus!

Moo0 Transparent Menu lets you enjoy transparent menus on your desktop easily.

It simply looks nicer sometimes. Give it a try once! It also comes with 28 simple system-wide menu skins.

 - The configuration is available from the TaskTray icon menu.

  Moo0 Transparent Menu is a free utility that lets you make your Windows menus semitransparent and change their color scheme. ( (4.5-Star Rating - Thank You!)

Update (08/17):     [ Update History (21)
 - Fixed a bug in which it wasn't auto-starting with the system when used on laptops in the battery mode on Windows Vista/7 and 8.
 - Added Thai language support in partial.

Update (08/17):
 - Added Chinese (Simplified) language support.

Chinese (Simplified) support was made possible by Zhang Zhe. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (06/18):
 - Added Hungarian language support.

Hungarian support was made possible by lostprophet at Lostprophet Magyarítások. Thanks really a lot!!

Update (06/01):
 - Added Greek language support.

Greek support was made possible by at Thanks really a lot!!

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Language: Belarusian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), English, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Venetian, 21 other languages (partial) - [ Translators (13) ]
OS:Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Ease of Use:Very Easy
Last Updated:2013/10/30   [ Update History (21)
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Size:3.29 MB
License:Free  (Non-Commercial Use Only)  
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(We currently understand English, Japanese and Korean.)
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FAQ:(Symptom) It doesn't start up, showing some error messages.

Do you use any anti-virus software? It's been reported that some anti-virus software prevent this program from being installed correctly. Please turn off your anti-virus software or add some exceptions for this program, if it happens.

Moo0 Transparent Menu is a free utility that lets you make your Windows menus semitransparent and change their color scheme. ( (4.5-Star Rating - Thank You!)

Japanese) 【今日のお気に入り】Windows上のメニュー表示を半透明化・配色変更「Moo0 透明メニュー」 (窓の杜) - Aug 23 2010

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