I want this kind of software!
Please tell us what kind of programs you want us to develop.
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I want Moo0 to be ... / do ... !
Please tell us what you want Moo0 to be / do in the future.
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Moo0 should grow through ...!
Currently, all Moo0 developers are working voluntarily without any payment.
What kinds of income sources Moo0 should pursue to pay them?
(i.e. shareware sales, donation, advertisement banners on Web pages / free programs,
bundling 3rd-party products / toolbars into our free programs and so on.)
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Moo0 should do ... right now!
Please tell us your idea about what Moo0 should do right now to grow faster.
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Thank Moo0 Developers!
Cheer up Moo0 Developers!
They may work better and faster hearing your encouragement!
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